The Shop


The Shop

When we opened in 2010 we wanted the shop to feel like home so we covered the walls with paintings, piled the shelves high with old biscuit tins, trinkets and bottles, and filled up old jugs and jars with the loveliest flowers we could find. Not too much has changed since then, we've added to our gallery, have even more tins and bottles and a vast collection of glass, enamel and ceramics that we fill with even more flowers! 

The shop is open from Tuesday - Saturday, and is always full of the most beautiful seasonal flowers and foliage we can get our hands on. Alongside seasonal favourites we also seek out more unusual blooms, which give our flowers and arrangements a more natural feel, often appearing as if we have plucked them straight from someone's garden (we promise we haven't!).

We deliver our flowers all over London, and are able to offer same day delivery. If you would like to get in touch to arrange a delivery it is best to call us on +44 (0)20 7431 1727 or, drop us a line at . One day we may think about a webshop, but we find that it limits our stock and our imagination, and we would much rather choose the freshest, prettiest things we can find at market and talk you though your options.

We would love to meet you, if you feel like popping by you can find details of where we are and how to get here


Our Collections

The shop houses a huge collection of bottles, enamelware, ceramics and glassware. We are constantly searching for interesting containers and the perfect vase. We use most of them everyday in the shop, and some of the more special ones for our event work. Whilst we do have a permanent collection of vases and trinkets we couldn't be without, some of our containers are for sale and make a lovely gift when filled with fresh flowers.

Kate is our resident artist, and our collection of her paintings has grown over the years. Portraits of the girls who have worked with us in the shop hang happily alongside still life's and flower paintings.


Our Flowers

We are guided by the seasons; flower selections change, as do palettes, shapes and textures. From the richness and intensity the Winter brings, the delicate scented Spring, the blousy and whimsical Summer months and the textural, wild Autumn. We feel totally spoiled and inspired by the amazing flowers we are able to find.




Our Style

Our style shifts slightly with the seasons, whilst always staying true to the flowers and keeping things as natural as possible.  Our bouquets and arrangements tend to be quite mixed, whether we stick to one pallette or go for something a bit bright and bonkers, there will always be a good mix of blooms of varying shapes and textures that bring out the best in each other.



Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes we have lots of ribbon and string, brown kraft paper, cream tissue, bags, buckets and crates, thank you notes, a laptop, our portfolio and pictures, pens, paper and order books and a whole lot of mess.